Bosom Band, music from the heart. This original Philadelphia eclectic group modernizes the nostalgia of juke-joint blues. The band mixes their originals with a truelly unique take on timeless treasures. Live performance is a must see. This working band featuring Monica Lynne Chase & Dan Michael will have you swooning and pleading for an encore.

Sunday Style

It’s fall. It’s our favorite time of year for style.

And being stylish doesn’t mean you have to rock the labels.

It’s the time to have a list of specifics

Write your specs list and keep it your pocket.

Monica does this because she is always walking around and will stumble upon awesome sidewalk and yard sales, new thrift, consignment, and junk stores. If you don’t have your list how are you going to spread the $20 in your pocket wisely?

"I love thrift shopping but if I don’t have a few specific things in mind that I’m looking for I end up filling a cart and spending all my money. It’s easy to do. I keep all my money in my dressing room and no food in the house"

Fall is all about layering. So think about things like these to have on your list

*Leather (belts, bags, accents, jackets)

*Velvet ( dress, shawl, skirt, shirt, tie, shoes, jacket, bag, gloves, scarf)

*Studs, Rivets, and Spikes (accented on anything)

*Shark-skin Shiny Stuff (that material that is almost iridescent. If I see a well tailored shark-skin suit on a dude … SEXY… look out he’s mine) 

*Silk & Satin (use in moderation, think scarf, bowtie, clutch, pieced in a shirt)

*Fingerless Gloves (in leather, velvet, with studs, lace, silk, and satin)

I know what you’re thinking, not exactly specific, but come on now, you have to kinda know what your own style is. Are you a sweet and neat type? A girlie Goth? A renaissance rough neck? A classic roc n roller? If you don’t really know what your type is checkout this here site: (search men’s  modern vintage)

And if you want to get right to work on shopping visit my fave:  (for guys search men)

Now I’ going to tell you what I like on the street in style right now.

Theses are own personal style favorites so see on humans walking around.

For Dude:

Great fitting jeans (wanna see that  butt) with an awesome t-shirt and jacket. Add a vest and a scarf to layer, rock a pork-pie and wing-tip shoes WOW!

Slacks with the pant leg rolled up, no socks and chucks or vans. Good fitting button down shirt rolled sleeves, sweater vest, and bowtie.

Nice pants, t-shirt, jean jacket, and booties.

Mix and Mingle 3-4 piece suits.

A really good watch.

For Chick:

Leggings, flats, summer dress you can’t put down yet with cardigan and a riding type jacket. Rock a scarf and fedora AWESOME

Good fitting jeans  rolled up, untucked button down shirt, vest, scarf, light leather jacket.

Little black dress, nylons, knee high socks over, granny shoe, and a jean jacket.

Mix and Mingle 3-4 piece suit.

A really nice locket


Socks: cool ones

Messenger Bags









Hey pretty much anything if it fits you and your style!!!!!

Monica’s Favorite Store to Splurge

If you can’t get to this amazing store in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia they have trunk sales and shows all over the country so check their site. 


Table of Contessa

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I want to inform you of change

Weekly blogs will be a day by day as of tomorrow.

Sunday Style

Monday Money

Tuesday Taste

Wednesday Weather

Thursday Thirst

Friday Fringe

Saturday Sadist

I may also have audio/video blogs to hold the hand of tumbler soon

So come back tomorrow and see what the hell is up with style…. good, bad, and “Oh God girl, take that off.” I’ll also have some amazing links for you.

See ya’ll tomorrow!


Soaked in blood, sweat, tears, and whiskey, Monica and Danny, the hearts and souls fronting Bosom Band.

Remember the good old days when you would go watch a cool band at the local watering hole and there would be a tip jar up by the guitar stand? Bands need money from merch and tips just to survive and a new app from Nashville software company DevDigit

check it out. our bands full ep is on rotation and played by request at htpp:// come join us in the chat room

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Tune in Monday at 9am, 2pm, and 6pm to hear Bosom Band on the radio!

Listen/purchase: Hoosegow Holiday by Bosom Band our newest release