Bosom Band brings you back to the breast of music. This original Philadelphia eclectic group modernizes the nostalgia of juke-joint blues. The band mixes their originals with a truelly unique take on timeless treasures. Live performance is a must see. This working band featuring Monica Lynne Chase, Dan Michael, and Mike Cifone will have you swooning and pleading for an encore.

Remember the good old days when you would go watch a cool band at the local watering hole and there would be a tip jar up by the guitar stand? Bands need money from merch and tips just to survive and a new app from Nashville software company DevDigit

check it out. our bands full ep is on rotation and played by request at htpp:// come join us in the chat room

log in and request a song by bosom band….we are on rotation tomorrow too!!!

Tune in Monday at 9am, 2pm, and 6pm to hear Bosom Band on the radio!

Listen/purchase: Hoosegow Holiday by Bosom Band our newest release

Fishtown Rock Block

Bosom Band playing all ages block party today at 12noon located at Creese and Girard Ave Phila, PA 19125 #byob #covereddish #blues #rock #bday #bosomband #localmusic #philadelphia #fishtown